Steve Fisher

World Class paddler, currently based for the spring in Jackson Wyoming for some of this place's incredible skiing and keeping in touch with the core of US paddling.   His recent success is Halo Effect', well received and winning awards wherever it's screened. Halo Effect has won Best Whitewater Film at the REEL festival, next comes the 10 stop tour expected up to 35 000 premiere attendees.  This film is not for sale as a DVD so it's out come is through festival screenings.  After this year Steve will release it as a free download.   Broadcast rights for TV, to be viewed on NBC Universal sports here in the US and plans in the works to have it Air in German Europe as well as Norway and Iceland. Steve Fisher and Stohlquist have long worked together over the last decade with similar objectives of excellence.
Hometown: Uganda Africa



Lauren Burress

Began Kayaking In: 2003
I love the mental aspect of the sport, its what makes it so different from anything else. Not just a physical challenge but emotional as well.
Favorite Event: Freestyle
Goals: I want to become the best paddler I can, always pushing my limits. Compete at the best of my ability, and rank at international competitions.
Favorite Music: Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, James Blunt, John Mayer, T-Swift
Favorite TV Show: House, Greys Anatomy, Burn Notice, CSI, NCIS
Favorite Food: Mexican

Hometown: Williston, ND
Website: ot;">



Natalie Kramer

Natalie enjoys V+ creek-boating and surfing big waves.  She and her partner Leif Anderson from Fort Collins, Colorado are regular competitors in freestyle events. Natalie's enthusiasm for kayaking has taken her to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, the Pacific Northwest, Uganda, and the Northwest Territories.   She is currently pursuing informal science education for K-12 and home-schoolers and holds a BA degree in Geology from Humboldt State University and an MS degree in Fluvial Geomorphology from Colorado State University.
Recent Finishes:  Team "Leif and Natalie" placed Third in Eddy Flower's 2010 Vertical Challenge, 5th at Vail Games 2010 Homestake Creek Race
Favorite River: California is gorgeous and has a little bit of everything
Favorite Surf Spot: M-wave... it just isn't natural
Sponsored by: Stohlquist Waterware, Fluid Kayaks, WRSI helmets, Snapdragon sprayskirts

Hometown: Ft. Collins, Colorado



Leif Anderson

Balancing a paddling career with the pursuit of a PhD in theoretical physics, Leif is in his kayak whenever and wherever possible, including the middle of the Colorado he demands the very best paddling gear possible.

Titles: 2010 Eddyflower Vertical challenge 3rd place (team Leif and Natalie), 2010 Glenwood Ender 1st, 2010 Gunninson festival 1,2,3 in boatercross, big trick, and rodeo.

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado



Samatha Brunner Ruppelt

Adventurous paddler, 25 years old, skydiver and traveler, Sammie well represents the ladies side of today's contemporary kayaking scene.  Willing to leap tall waterfalls at a single bound, super-paddler Sammie brings us incredible action photography/video-graphy from wherever she and husband Boyd roam.  Presently finishing a bachelors degree, she is a great contributor locally to new paddlers.

Hometown: Lakeland, TN



Boyd Ruppelt

Besides his carreer as a teacher, Boyd is a 27 year old skydiver and professional whitewater kayaker, sponsored by Keen, Gaia Paddlesports, Jackson Kayak, Zeal Optics, Stohlquist WaterWare, Snap Dragon Designs, Werner Paddles and Freestyle Watches.  For more info on me and what I'm up too click on my website below.

Hometown: Lakeland, TN