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Jim Stohlquist paddling on a river

Stohlquist products are the result of a lifetime of hands-on paddling, entrepreneurial spirit, craftsmanship and design experience of the company founder and president, Jim Stohlquist. Each model we offer follows the lineage of 40+ years of product innovation and refinement, incorporating the latest in raw material development and manufacturing know-how to provide our customers with the best WaterWare available today.

In early 2004, Stohlquist and Aqualung joined together as partners to capitalize on the synergies each has in the personal flotation business, both above and below the water. Jim Stohlquist continues to steer the company providing vision and guidance on all new products. Ok, Jim is an avid scuba diver, but his focus remains heavily on this passion for paddlesports... innovation, performance and excellence. We have committed a lifetime to watersports and our long line of innovative and unique products have been the natural result.

From the early days, Stohlquist has been a family company. Based in Buena Vista, the company operated in close proximity to the famous "Numbers" section of the Arkansas River. The focus ever since, has been on making the best possible product for comfort and safety on the water. As one of the first companies designing gear for paddlers and one of the few original designers left, Stohlquist continues to lead with innovative products designed for the true water-lover.